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About Cole Ely

Here are a few things about me:

Educational Background:

Oklahoma State Univ (1985-1987): Majored in Economics

Kansas State Univ (1987-1989): BS in Marketing

Oklahoma Panhandle State (2001-2002):  BS in Business Education

Pittsburg State Univ (2007-2008): Masters in Educational Technology Facilitation

Certified ESL 2011


Professional Background:

1990-1997: Worked in sales and Management, including manager of QuickTrips and Radio Shacks

1996-2000: Worked in sales for SPC office products

2001-2002: Manager of Southwind Supply (industrial tools)

2003-2004: Computer teacher, Satanta HS

2005-2008: Director, Community Learning Center (SWKTS)

2009-2010: Business and Computer teacher South Middle

2010 - Present: Business and Computer teacher LHS


Contact Information:
Work Phone: 620-604-2931
Cell Phone: 620-309-0940


Cole Ely

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Classroom Number:
School Phone:
Home Phone:
Conference Time:
7:15 to 7:40am; 3:25 to 3:40pm