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Crash Course YouTube Channel

Crash Course is a YouTube Channel that provides short 10-15 minute videos about our government and politics. 

Citizen U YouTube Channel

For all of your AP Exam study needs.


Practice questions, outlines, free response practice, and a 1-month study pacing guide.

Redistricting Site #1


Redistricting Site #2


Quizlet Vocabulary Review

Great place to study vocabulary for the AP US Government and Politics Test, and for Unit Tests.

Real Clear Politics

A place to go for the latest in political news and information. Great for research on term papers.

AP Students Ap US Government & Politics Page

Get information about the AP Exam, and many other opportunities provided by College Board.

CitizenU Website

A place to find review materials for the AP* US Government and Politics test.

Advocates for Self Government Political Quiz


Pew Research Center-Political Typology


Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online

Place to go when you have trouble speling a particular word or phrase.

The Oyez Project

Resource for current and past United States Supreme Court cases, and the justices.

Provided by the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law

Legal information Institute

Another great site for researching the United States Supreme Court and its cases.

Provides information about the United States Congress.


News and Information website

The White House

A place to go for information about America's most famous address, 1600 Pensylvania Avenue.

United States House of Representatives

Home of all the information about the United States House of Representatives.

United States Sentate

Find out more about daily business of the United States Senate here.


Home to news and information about politics.

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