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Concurrent Enrollment





All students wanting to enroll in a college class (concurrent) at LHS must obtain a placement score before school starts in August in Math, English, and/or Reading on either the ACT or the COMPASS test. Seward County Community College administers the COMPASS test, Sharon Brockman 417-1605.


Possible concurrent classes at LHS:                                        ACT placement score needed:

American History I (11th).. 3 credit hours (1st semester)            Presently none needed          

American History II (11th)  3 credit hours (2nd semester)                  


College Algebra .........  3 credit hours (1st semester)                Math – 20+

Trigonometry .............  3 credit hours (2nd semester)               Pre-requisite – C or better in College Algebra

College Calculus ........  5 credit hours (year long class)           Pre-requisite – C or better in College Algebra/Trig


College Chemistry .....  5 credit hours (year long class)            Reading/English/Math – 18+


English Comp I (12th). 3 credit hours (1st semester)                English – 18+

English Comp II (12th) 3 credit hours (2nd semester)               Pre-requisite – C or better in English Comp I


Students can only accumulate 25 concurrent hours for classes taken at Liberal High School.


The cost to take a concurrent class for credit at SCCC/ATS is $72/credit hour. A 3-credit hour class (one semester) costs $216 and a 5‑credit hour (year-long) class costs $365.


Each student enrolled will receive a bill from SCCC/ATS at the beginning of the semester for the cost of enrollment. All payments are made to SCCC/ATS. If payments are not made first semester, the student cannot enroll in a concurrent class second semester. If a student chooses to drop a concurrent class and receive a “W” (which means withdrawal) on his/her transcript, he/she is responsible to pay the full tuition amount.


Concurrent enrolled students must meet SCCC/ATS enrollment requirements, follow institutional procedures regarding assessment/placement, and satisfy course prerequisites


For more information contact; Mariah Cline, 620-604-1267

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