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Independent Art Studio

Independent Art Studio


Fall 2018


Independent Art Studio is a studio and research based art class for the self-motivated student who enjoys or wishes to pursue art.  Students can choose the course of study they want to explore, (painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, drawing, weaving, sewing, etcetera.) within certain parameters.  Students will be expected to complete six or more full scale projects per semester related to the course of study they explore. Some explorations may require more projects depending on the amount of time required to complete them.


In order to be successful in the Independent Art Studio class students will have to be self-motivated and work well with limited instruction from the teacher.  Students will meet with the instructor once a week for a twenty minute mod they are assigned to.  During this time students will present what they are working on, how they are progressing and ask questions.  Projects will be completed during PLT time, in the art classroom or other resource centers, and/or at home. (If students need additional assistance they will be responsible for finding time or scheduling time with the instructor.)  Every week students will record times worked on projects and turn in their timesheets in the google classroom for a pass/fail grade.


Students will be expected to have a sketchbook (or journal) and it can be digital.  In this sketchbook they will record their research (websites visited, tutorials watched, tutorials completed, photos used, idea generators, journal entries of what is working, what is not, etcetera) as proof of progress.  Students can photograph or upload the the pages in their sketchbook/journal to the Google Classroom weekly or show it to the teacher in person. Students will be given a weekly grade of pass/fail on their sketchbooks.


At the end of each semester for the semester final students will schedule a time with the instructor to present two of their finished pieces to discuss the process and what they learned while they created their work.  These presentations may or may not be with only the teacher.

Students can turn in their work physically or digitally in the Google Classroom.  
Students can create physical or digital art projects.