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Project Management 2-D

Project Management – 2-D & 3-D Art

Liberal High School 2016-2017


Teacher: Ms. F. Schievelbein



Project-Management at Liberal is designed to follow the Kansas Department of Education’s Visual Arts Pathway Program.


Pre-requisite: Introduction to Drawing, Principles of Illustration, 3-D Arts and Crafts

                It is strongly suggested students have taken at least one introductory class before participating in Project Management.

Project Management is a studio based art class in which students will be be given different projects to develop and complete.  Students will be responsible for time management in completion of the projects.  (This is a Career and Technical Education course.)


Students will meet in two mod sessions twice a week.  During this time they will be shown demos, participate in critiques and as time allows work on projects.  Students will be responsible for coming in during PLT (Personal Learning Time) to complete projects as there will NOT be enough time during the twice a week sessions.


Students will have eight projects to complete during the first semester and six projects second semester.  In addition to these projects students will have the opportunity to blow glass. Glass blowing will be scheduled in advance to give every student the opportunity to participate.


Students may reference other artists work but will create their own.  If it is discovered they have copied another artist’s work they will get a zero for the project.



Weekly Planning: 10 points each

Students will complete a time sheet (just as if they were working at a job) detailing when and how long they work on their projects.  Time-sheets must be uploaded every week to the google classroom and will be a pass/fail grade.

Projects and Sketchbooks: 100 pts each

Students will get or create a sketchbook and for each project students will research the method/process and must create three sketches (or write out their ideas) as preliminary plans. The sketches should include reference images/sources.  At the end of the project they will write a reflection detailing how they completed the project. (The research, sketches and reflections will be turned in and will be a third of the grade.  If the sketches and reflections are not turned in students will get no higher than a 70% on the project.)


Each completed glass-blown piece will be worth 20 points.



Students will upload their time sheet weekly to Google Classroom.

Students CAN create digital work for some of the projects. Students may also use the Google classroom to turn in photos of their work and digitally submit their research/sketches/reflections.


The project outlines for the year:

Project Management Projects 1-3

Project Management Projects 4-7

Project Management Projects 9-12