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General questions

Assignments are graded in a variety of ways:

  • Completion
    • Students will be graded by checking to see if they completed the entire assignment. 
  • Random number checks
    • Key problems will be graded to test for understanding. All other problems will be graded upon completion.
  • Homework Quizzes 
    • Two to three problems are selected from the homework and students must complete a quiz consisting of these questions and one more that was not found on the homework. Students are allowed to use homework as an aid. 
  • Direct Grading
    • Each problem is graded and the score is based on the total number correct.


All problems are given points based on the difficulty of the problem. Work for each problem is worth half of the point value. If no work is shown that is half off. If work is shown but the wrong answer is given, students are still elligible to recieve half credit. 

No, assignments can not be redone.

No, but corrections to the test may be made. To be eligible for corrections, students must have all assignments for the unit turned in, and have scored an 80% or lower on the test.  Students must come in before or after school to Miss. Ramm's room. There they will be able to correct their tests for partial credit. Students will be able to use the textbook, Miss. Ramm and their notes while correcting the test. Tests may not be taken home and must stay in Miss. Ramm's room. 

Make up work can be found on this website under Lesson Plans or be asked for during class. Students have one day to make up each assignment for every day that was missed. 

My late work policy is that work is late if not handed in when asked for. Work is immediately given a 50% when turned in. If your student was absent either the day the work was due or assigned, it is not considered late. Please see "I was absent. Now what?" to answer more questions