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Liberal High School 


Teacher: Ms. F. Schievelbein



Introduction to Drawing at Liberal is designed to follow the Kansas Department of Education’s Visual Arts Pathway Program.             

 Photo Imaging teaches the technical skills needed to produce quality images for use in a variety of applications. Topics include use of equipment, software and techniques to take, edit and manipulate digital images.


Arts, AV Technology and Communication Career Cluster

Pathway (CIP CODE: 09.0702): AV Communications and (CIP CODE:50.0499) Visual Arts


Photo Imaging Syllabus

Fall 2018


Photo Imaging is an art class under the Career and Technical Education Design pathway where in students discover how to use a camera, manipulate photos, examine photographs, discuss photography and create photographs for different uses.


Students can use their own digital 35mm DSL camera if they have one available to them.  (They do not need to buy one.) If they do not have one available to them some are available for limited check out from the Art Department.  (Students will be responsible for replacements if they are broken.) For several projects students may use their cell phones or other digital cameras they may have available to them.  The only restriction is they have to be able to upload the photos to google drive/google classroom.

Photo Imaging is set up as a SELF-MOTIVATED class structure.  Students will meet once a week during a two block mod on N day.  During the weekly meetings will be demonstrations, lectures, critiques and discussions.  Students will be responsible for taking, editing, uploading and researching their photographs during PLT time and at home.  (If help is needed students will need to find a time to talk with or schedule time with their instructor.) Students will record times worked on projects weekly and turn in the time sheets for a pass/fail grade.

Students will join the Photo-Imaging class in Google Classroom.  Assignments will be posted in the classroom and students will turn in their projects by uploading them to the Google Classroom.  Projects may be worked on out of order but should be turned in by designated due dates (which could change due to revolving Mod schedule).  Additional projects will be added as the semester advances. Google Classroom is not set up to send out reminders so students need to keep track of what they have and have not completed.


I, _________________________________, as a student taking Photo-Imaging understand I will be responsible for time management in regards to getting my projects completed by designated due dates.  If my project is not completed by the due date I understand I will receive a zero for that project. I also understand I am responsible for the safety and care of the camera if I check one out from the art department and I can only keep it for one day at a time to allow other students access.  If the camera is broken I will immediately notify the instructor and understand I may be held responsible for the cost of fixing or repairing the camera. If I need extra assistance I will schedule time with my instructor to help me.


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