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Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning 

Weightroom Rules


Liberal High School Strength and Conditioning Curriculum

Phys Ed, level: Advanced Weights

Liberal High School,  Liberal, KS
Materials Required: Workout shorts, shirt w/ sleeves, (school color), running shoes
Activity Time: Block Schedule 46 minutes 5 days a week.

(Note: students should be dressed out in workout shorts, and t shirt, running shoes.  For safety reasons it is at the instructors permission to allow or not to allow headphones and mp3, ipods, or any other music devise.)

Lesson Plan: Strength and Conditioning

Teacher: Caleb Cline, Aaron Sullenger, Erik Dobbins, Scott Hinkle.

Classroom arrangement:  16 Free Weight Racks, 4 Jammer Attachments,  Dumb bells 10lbs – 100 lbs. Dot mats, plyometric boxes, agility ladder, 10 glute ham machines, jump ropes, other lifting accessories, Bigger Faster Stronger Workout System.

Lesson plan duration:46 minute period 5 days a week for 18 weeks.

Lesson plan:
Week 1 Introduction to weight training and weight room. (Monday - Friday)
A. Safety/Proper Warm-up
B. Spotting
C. Sets /Reps/Breathing & Balance
D. Lifting Technique
a. Snatch Movements
b. Clean Complex Movements
c. Bench Press and Squat
d. Auxilaries


Lift Monday/Weds. /Friday all four core lifts
Tuesday and Thursday Cardoivascular/Plyometrics/ Footwork, Sprint Mechanics



-Cycle 1 Complete all lifts and workouts on BFS for the four weeks(after 1 week orientations)

Week 1 – 3x3

Week 2 – 3x5

Week 3 – 5, 3, 1

Week 4 – 10, 8, 6

Cycle 2

Week 1 – 3x3

Week 2 – 3 x 5

Week 3 – 5, 3, 1

Week 4 – 10, 8, 6

Following Cycle 2 Students will Max and Test for 9 Weeks Test
A. All students will max on all four lifts in front of the

B. This will be over two days.

C. Day 1 Max on Bench & Squat

D. Day 2 Max on Power Clean & Vertical Jump.

E. The highest weight you lift will be recorded.

Cycle 3 Begin a new 4 week work out with new max lifts.

Following the same sequence as above for second nine weeks.


Weekly Lifting Routine:



Neuromuscular Warm Up / Blocks / Dots

Bench Press / Close grip Bench Press / Incline Press

  • DB Row
  • Dots
  • DB Curls
  • Rev. Incline Fly

Squat Variation or Deadlift Variation

  • Step Ups (body weight only)
  • Lunges (body weight only)


Stretching Routine


Glute Ham Raises / Plyometric Boxes (Station 1)

Agility Bags / Drills (Station 2)

C.O.D. Drills / Sprint Mechanics / Get Offs / Get Ups / Form Running (Station 3)

Stretching Routine






Neuromuscular Warm Up / Blocks / Dots

Box Squats

Dead Lift or Front Squat

  • DB Snatch
  • DB Swings
  • Dots
  • DB Shrugs
  • Suitcase Shrugs

Stretching Routine


  • GluteHam Raises / Plyometric Boxes (Station 1)
  • Agility Bags / Drills (Station 2)
  • C.O.D. Drills / Sprint Mechanics / Get Offs / Get Ups / Form Running (Station 3)
  • Stretching Routine


Neuromuscular Warm Up / Blocks / Dots

Towel Bench Press / Towel Close Grip Press / Incline Press

Stretching Routine


Evaluation and Grading:

1. Daily attendance will be worth 50% of the student’s grade.

2. Student exhibits safety, correct lifting technique and spotting
10% of student’s grade.

3. This rubric will be used to grade students for the other 40%.

100% New max lifts in four lifts.

75% New max lifts in 3 of the lifts.

50% New max lifts in 2 of the lifts.

25% New max lift in 1 of the lifts.

Summary:   Student should increase in speed, power, explosion, and general strength in an 18 Week Period.  Safety is the main concern followed closely by effort and attitude.

Students who show poor attitude during any part of the 18 week period earn reminders to correct his/her attitude.  The reminder is at the discretion of the instructor.

Our goal is to create athletic based movements that will carry over into athletic field of play and into daily life.  Also, promoting lifelong exercise habits and lifelong nutrition habits to enhance the health of each individual.