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Study Skills syllabus

Room: 134

Instructor: Rob Wilson


Phone: 604-1278

Welcome to Study Skills. Study Skills will be a class that will allow for individually adapted curriculum as well as small group work. We will be learning strategies to make ourselves better students as well as reading comprehension and writing skills.

Students must bring something to write with and something to write on to class each day.


Make-up work policy:

It is the student’s full responsibility to get make-up work from the teacher. Students are given one school day to make up all work for each consecutive day they are gone from school. (This Includes School-Sponsored Activities)

Grading Policy

Will be according to the LHS grading framework.


All students will follow the rules in the student handbook along with the class rules posted on the wall.


If you never receive detention or a referral in my class, you may be eligible for a semester test exemption.


  1. Warning and name written down in my notebook.
  2. Check added to the student’s name and he/she will stay for a 15 minute detention under my supervision. (at 7:15 a.m. as I coach after school)
  3. The third time the student chooses not to follow the rules, a second check will be added and a 30-minute detention will be served at 7:15 a.m. in my classroom.
  4. The fourth time the student chooses to not follow the classroom rules, a third check will be added to the student’s name and he/she will receive an office referral.



Severe Clause

A student who totally disrupts, uses vulgarity, is a physical threat to others, is willfully disobedient, openly defiant, or flagrantly disrespectful, will bypass the first three consequences and go directly to level four.