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Graphic Design Fundamentals

Graphic Design Fundamentals

Liberal High School Fall 2017


Teacher: Ms. F. Schievelbein



Graphic Design Fundamentals at Liberal is designed to follow the Kansas Department of Education’s Visual Arts Pathway Program.

             Graphic Design Fundamentals provides a basic understanding of the graphic design process. Topics include analyzing the design elements and principles, exploring industry tools, software and equipment and learning composition techniques to develop a quality product.

 (from the Graphic Design Fundamentals Document found at,AV,Technology,andCommunications.aspx )


Graphic Design Fundamentals Syllabus

Fall 2018


Graphic Design Fundamentals is an art class under the Career and Technical Education Design pathway where in students discover how to create artwork targeted toward the Graphic Design field.  Students will be given a number of projects where they will be expected to create logos, posters, typography, magazine layouts and might have artwork used in the school store t-shirt shop.


Students will be creating work by hand and digitally.  Projects will be posted in the Google Classroom and can be worked on out of order.  As the semester progresses projects will be added in the classroom. Some projects may be handed in in person and some in the Google classroom.  Projects may include taking photos, researching ideas, finding examples or making presentations.


Graphic Design Fundamentals  is set up as a SELF-MOTIVATED class structure.  During the weekly meetings will be demonstrations, lectures, critiques, discussions and some project time.  Students will be expected to work on projects during Personal Learning Times either in the art room or a resource room.  Students will keep a record of their work time on each project and upload it to the google classroom.  (Just like a job.)  (If help is needed students will need to find a time to talk with or schedule time with their instructor.)