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Introduction to Drawing

Introduction to Drawing Workbook

Introduction to Drawing

Liberal High School 2018-2019


Teacher: Ms. F. Schievelbein



Introduction to Drawing at Liberal is designed to follow the Kansas Department of Education’s Visual Arts Pathway Program.

             Introduction to Drawing emphasizes the development of fundamental drawing skills. Focus will be on the application of art theory, processes and techniques that increase the power of observation. Instruction includes the elements and principles of design as applied in composition through hard copy and/or electronic software.

 (from the Introduction to Drawing Standards Alignment Document found at,AV,Technology,andCommunications.aspx )


    Introduction to Drawing is a beginning level art class however it is not an easy class.  Students are expected to learn about Art processes, tools, and application of ideas in a visual manner.

    Students are expected to be SELF-MOTIVATED to succeed in Introduction to Drawing.  Students will meet twice a week for two mods each. A week is defined as from the end of the first class period of the week past the second class period to the beginning of the first class period following. Generally, during the first class period of the week will be demonstrations, lectures, video and other instructive time.  The second class period of the week will occasionally be planning and project time. Students will be expected to complete their projects using the project day and Personal Learning Time and or at home.

    Students are responsible for handing their assignments in on time.  If projects are not handed in students will receive a zero for the project.  

Grading will be based on:

1.Workbook/Sketchbook  (20 pts pass/fail either it is turned in or it isn’t)  This includes the written reflections after each project.

2. Completed Projects. (Projects are worth 100 points on a A-F scale.)

    Some projects will get two weeks, most will be one

3. Final


Expected Class Behaviors:

           Be respectful of classmates, teachers, art tools and materials, building and rules.

           Everyone participates in class CLEAN-UP TIME – put everything back in its place and                              

           keep all areas (desks, sinks, counters, floors) picked up and clean.

           Pass materials and tools to others.  NO THROWING THINGS IN THE ART ROOM!

           Speak with kindness – no negativity or foul language, respect our differences.



           NEVER COPY or CLAIM another person’s artwork as your own.  It will earn an instant Zero.


The following is the workbook created by the teacher for this class.  It lists an overview of the projects we will be working on during the semester from beginning to end.  (There can be additions or subtractions at any time.)  This wookbook will also be available in the Google classroom for student access and will be given to students the first day of class.

Introduction to Drawing Workbook