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English III

 English III Syllabus


Room:  107

Instructor:  Bret Irby


Phone:  604-1251


Welcome to English III.  I am excited about the upcoming year.  We will be studying short stories, novels, poems, plays, and non-fiction from American Literature.  We will also be practicing good grammar, writing essays, and working on projects.


Each day you will take your seats and write the objective and essential question for the day in a spiral notebook.  AVID students may use an English tab in their binder.


Students must bring notebooks/binders to class every day.



Make-up work policy:

It is the student’s full responsibility to get make-up work from the teacher.  Students are

given one school day to make up all work for each consecutive day they are gone from school. (This Includes School-Sponsored Activities) 



Grading Policy

Please refer to the letter attached.



All students will follow the rules in the student handbook along with these class rules.


  1. Students will raise their hand before asking a question, making a comment, or asking permission to leave their seat.
  2. Students will follow instructions given by the instructor.
  3. Students will keep their hands and feet to themselves.
  4. No leaving the classroom without permission.
  5. No electronic devices (ie. Cell phones, MP3 players, etc.)
  6. No teasing, or tormenting other students.


If you never receive detention or a referral in my class, you may be eligible for a semester test exemption. 


  1. Warning and name written down in my notebook.
  2. Check added to the student’s name and he/she will stay for a 15 minute detention under my supervision. (at 7:15 a.m. as I coach tennis after school
  3. The third time the student chooses not to follow the rules, a second check will be added and a 30-minute detention will be served at 7:15 a.m. in my classroom.
  4. The fourth time the student chooses to not follow the classroom rules, a third check will be added to the student’s name and he/she will receive an office referral.




Severe Clause

A student who totally disrupts, uses vulgarity, is a physical threat to others, uses gang signals, or gestures, is willfully disobedient, openly defiant, or flagrantly disrespectful, will bypass the first three consequences and go directly to level four.


Restroom policy:

Students should take care of restroom breaks between classes.


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Student signature____________________________________ Date______________


Parent signature_____________________________________ Date ______________




































Dear Parents,

This letter is to introduce the grading system being used in English III.  Grades will now reflect how well a student has learned the skills necessary to be considered competent in the English III course.  In addition, the system will allow students to practice and receive feedback on skills without the risk of being penalized in the grade book and provide the additional opportunities for students to retake assessments that do count toward their grade.

My grade book will be set up with two categories: formative assessments and summative assessments.  The formative assessments are assignments, quizzes, in-class work, and so forth that are considered practice for a particular skill and/or set of skills.  Formative Assessments will count for 20% of the final grade.  Students will receive feedback on these assessments so that they know specific area(s) in which they need to improve in order to demonstrate competency in that skill(s).  Scores for formative assessments will be recorded in PowerSchool.

The second category of the grade book is summative assessments.  These will be given after formative assessments (practice) have been given, and they will contribute80% toward the final grade.  However, a student who scores below a 70% on the summative assessment will be given the opportunity to retake the summative assessment one time to bring that score up to 70%.   In order to retake a summative assessment, a student must have completed all of the formative assessments (practice) related to the skill(s) of the summative assessment.  Students will also be able to rewrite an essay one time to meet 70%procificiency.  If a student turns in a late essay, he/she loses the opportunity to rewrite that essay.

  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at school or via email.



Bret Irby                                                                        Parent Signature:  __________________________                                         Student Signature:  __________________________