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Daily Schedule

Ms. Schievelbein’s Art Room Daily Schedule

-Ms. Schievelbein can be available before or after school if a student needs extra time to work on or make up a project.

We will have an unusual schedule this year and it will take some time to get familiar with where we are on what day of the week.

Art classes are all going to be SELF-MOTIVATED studio atmosphere.  Each class will meet for official class periods during the week but students will be responsible for completing work/projects using Personal Learning Time.  Students will still be expected to put in about four to five hours a week on their projects.  This means students will be responsible for coming into work on their projects outside of the “official” class period.

Classroom fall schedule

The following schedule indicates when students may come into the classroom to work on projects/assignments.

Any PLT time is open unless the classroom is full.  If students are not working on projects the instructor reserves the right to send them elsewhere.

All other times not marked with an XXXX, colored blue-green, 8-8:40 on R-Days, 8-8:20 on S,K,I,N-days are open to a degree.  Students may come in and work on projects as long as they do not disturb the class in progress.

Instructor Lunch times may or may not be open depending on what the instructor decides on that day.

Classroom Fall Schedule