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Fay Schievelbein


Welcome to 2-D Art at Liberal High School.

We will be working on a variety of projects in the Art room; building knowledge and skills to foster creativity.

Why Art?  

Because all of life touches Art and Art touches all life.

We are in a unique situation where we are altering the way we teach.  Students will be working on more individualized schedules with the intention of getting required courses AND more courses of choice.  With this in mind the Art classes are going to be based more on a studio/choice model.  What this means is students will have set instructional time class periods but they will have to manage their personal learning time and out of class times to complete their work.  Some projects will require them to use the art classroom (especially depending on the supplies they need to accomplish them) but some projects will allow them them option of using other resource rooms or outside of scheduled school time.  The model is loosely based on how students work in a college atmosphere.


Ms. Schievelbein will be available most days before and/or after school if students need extra assistance or time for work.
If you wish to contact Ms. Schievelbein her e-mail is