National and State Scholarships

  A Sharp




December 18th

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award

Graduating high school senior who operates their own small business

December 19th

Kansas State Acacia Leadership Scholarship

Must be an incoming male freshman at Kansas State University who displays excellence in academics, motivation, and interest in studying leadership.

December 31st

4th Annual Constitution Bee Scholarship

Must be a Kansas resident, a legal citizen, planning to attend postsecondary education.

February 1st

Kansas Kiwanis Foundation

Seniors are evaluated on several factors, primarily Service and Academic Preparation.

February 1st

Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas

Numerous scholarship programs are available to assist qualified applicants.

February 1st


National scholarships for college. FFA member and non-member.

February 1st

Great Plains Association for College Admission Counseling

GPA 3.0; ACT 21-28; Attending high school in Kansas, Nebraska or Oklahoma.

February 2nd

Pioneer Electric Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded on the basis of the application, resume, interview, and academics. Applicants should be in good standing with their school and should be actively involved with their school and/or community.

February 2nd

ESA Foundation Scholarships

A senior high school student who will be an incoming college freshman student with GPA of 3.0, or a minimum ACT of 22.

February 15th

American Legion Scholarships

Several scholarships available to assist children of American Legion members 3.0 GPA.

February 15th

Glenn Lygrisse/KACRAO Scholarship

High school senior GPA 3.25, minimum ACT of 22

February 27th

Buick Achievers Scholarship Program

Plan to major in a field of study that focuses on engineering, technology, design or business, with an interest in the automotive industry.

March 3rd

NAPA Research and Education Foundation Scholarship Program

The NAPA Research and Education Foundation Scholarship
Program(NAPAREF) currently provides funding for undergraduate 
or graduate students who are U.S. citizens and enrolled in full-time
civil engineering, construction management, or construction engineering
curriculum at an accredited four-year college or university or two-year
technical institution.


March 8th

The Dream.US Scholarship



March 27th 

Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship

Academic scholarship, student must have participated in junior golf activities, including high school gold. Must attend college in Kansas.


March 31st

Cargill Scholarship

Achievement, community involvement

April 1st

Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship

The Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship program provides financial
assistance to both students pursuing bachelor’s degree programs and
currently licensed teachers pursuing endorsement in hard-to-fill
disciplines or master’s degrees in hard-to-fill disciplines or either
group planning to teach in an under-served geographic area with
a service obligation of one year of service for each award year.



Kansas State Scholarship

Criteria include having taken the ACT Assessment between April
of the sophomore year and December of the senior year, AND
completing the Kansas Scholars Curriculum. The seventh semester
cumulative GPA and curriculum data are provided by high school
officials to the Board of Regents in March.

April 1st

Career Technical Workforce Grant

The Career Technical Workforce Grant is available to students
enrolled in an eligible career technical education program
operated by a designated Kansas educational institution that
has been identified as offering a technical certificate or associate
of applied science degree program in a high cost, high demand,
or critical industry field. 


April 15th

Steve Harper Memorial Scholarship

Seniors attending a Kansas college and majoring in either a natural resource or photography curriculum.

November 30th

BG Scholarship

Brandon Goodman Scholarship


December 1st

The Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team 

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation proudly continues its support
of Two Year Colleges through the Coca-Cola Community College
Academic Team Program.


April 1st

Wal-Mart Foundation

Available to Wal-Mart or Sam's Club associates or dependent of
company employee.



Es El Momento: Beca Univision

1st Generation Latino college student, maintain a 3.0 GPA



Emporia State University
The ESU/AVID scholarship is a one-time, nonrenewable award
for AVID students who have participated in the AVID Summer
Institute and enroll at ESU as freshman.


No Deadline

McPherson College

Complete the admissions application and indicate your participation
in AVID. AVID scholarship is rolled into merit-based scholarships
which begin at ACT 18/GPA 2.0, although if your schores are
ACT 17/GPA 3.00 you still have the opportunity to be considered.



K-State University

Although K-State does provide an AVID scholarship, it is
requested that the AVID coordinator submit the 2 highest
GPA's of the graduating senior class to be awarded the scholarship.
There are no additional materials necessary for the student to submit.

No Deadline

Bethany College

Application for admission is also used for scholarship application.
This application is used for students to apply to all available
scholarships, including the AVID Award. School will request
verification of student's participation in the AVID program at
the high school level.

June 1st

"Aspiring Animation Professional" Scholarship Program

This will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing
an animation career path at an accredited post-secondary
school or college.


January 7th

2016 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program

This national program awards college scholarships to high
school seniors who embody the characteristics of President
Ronald Reagan at school, in the community, in the workplace,
and at home.



Caterpillar Dealer Technician Prigram

Looking for a challenging and rewarding career? The Cat
Dealer Technician Program known as ThinkBIG, is a
cooperative two-year, college education program that
leads to an Associate in Applied Science degree with a
major in Caterpillar Service Technology.




The Education Foundation of The Kansas Society of CPAs

- rank high in the ACT or SAT examinations
- will attend a Kansas University or college
- plan to major in accounting
- demonstrate leadership through involvement in
extra-curricular activities


November 1st

VFW Scholarship

Program open to students in 9-12th grade, who are enrolled
in high school in the United States.

Click HERE to enter.

January 31st

Seaboard Foods Scholarship

Seaboard Foods will award scholarships to students
who have at least one parent/guardian who works for
one of the following divisions: Seaboard Foods, High
Plains Bioenergy and/or Seaboard Transport.

Seaboard will also award scholarships to students who
are graduating from communities where Seaboard
Foods operates (Seward County).


February 1st

KU Multicultural Scholars Program

Students must be from an underrepresented group
(African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, Indigenous,
First-Generation college students, or students with high
financial need - Pell-grant eligible) AND be citizens or
permanent residents.


February 1st

KU Hixson Opportunity Award

Students must be First-Generation college students
and/or low income students. Students must talk about
personal or financial challenges they've faced, priority
given to students who are both low income AND first-generation


March 1st

KU Pell Advantage

Student’s receive financial assistance that covers tuition
up to 30 credit hours per year.


May 1st

O'Brate Foundation Scholarship

Students receive financial and some academic support
to ANY college of their choice



Varsity Tutors Scholarship Contest 

Monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students must write an essay in response to a monthly prompt.


Deadline Scholarship



Submit to Counselor’s Office by Friday, March 3@ 3:45 p.m.


Shelters Scholarship Information Page

Shelters Scholarship

November 15th

Hagan Scholarship Foundation

3.5 minimum GPA; 23 minimum ACT composite



Natvarbhai Bhakta Memorial

Awarded to an all-around student; first priority given to students studying agriculture, agricultural development, agricultural economics, veterinary medicine, etc.

January 31

Alexander Open Systems

General Application


January 31

American Petroleum Institute

Must major in engineering or science directly related to the petroleum industry; minimum 2.5 GPA


January 31

A Sharp

Must be a current senior band member



January 31

Bar Association



January 31

Baty Scholarship

Financial need; 3.0 GPA


January 31

Beef Empire Days

Agricultural related degree- any area involved with beef


January 31

Beta Sigma Phi

Minimum 2.5 GPA


January 31

Black History Scholarship

Open to African-American students, essay required, 2.0 minimum GPA, record of community service required


January 31 

Chamber of Commerce

Must attend Seward County Community College


January 31 

Cinco De Mayo

Based on academics and activities


January 31 

Clarence and Dorothy Cokeley

Minimum 3.0 GPA; must attend Fort Hays State


January 31 

Class of ’57 Memorial

Must attend Seward County Community College


January 31

First National Bank Citizenship

Must exemplify qualities of good citizenship in addition to academic excellence


January 31

Gene Slaymaker

Awarded to a student who has promoted LHS; participated in activities and has potential for success in college


January 31 

Harwell and Harwell

General application with 2 short essays


January 31 

Jeff Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to 1 senior boy and 1 senior girl; minimum 3.0 GPA; must have been active in LHS art program or will major in art in college


January 31 

Kiwanis (Early Risers)

Minimum 2.0 GPA; preference given to those attending SCCC or SWKTS and who have participated in Kiwanis Builder or Key Club


January 31 

Kiwanis (Noon)

Preference given to Key Club members


January 31 

Liberal Country Club Memorial

Special consideration given to a golf related career; minimum 2.75 GPA


January 31 

Liberal Desk and Derrick Club

Based on financial need


January 31

LHS Academic Leadership

Students must rank in the top 25%  of their class


January 31 

LHS Activities

Based upon a student’s participation and leadership in school related extra-curricular activities


January 31 

LHS Common Application

Consider hour of community service plus the quality of work


January 31 

LHS Future Educator

Must major in education


January 31 

LHS National Honor Society

Based upon hours of service to the organization


January 31

Natvarbhai Bhakta Memorial

Awarded to an all-around student; first priority given to students studying agriculture, agricultural development, agricultural economics, veterinary medicine, etc.


January 31 

Oliver Brown Memorial

Awarded to an all-around student; first priority given to students studying agriculture, agricultural development, agricultural economics, veterinary medicine, etc.


February 15th 

Pheasant Heaven-College

Minimum 3.00 GPA


February 15th 

Pheasant Heaven-Vocational/technical

Vocational/technical school only; no minimum GPA


January 31 

Pizza Hut Business Award

Student must attend a school serviced by Pizza Hut in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana and Wyoming; 3.2 GPA; financial need


January 31

Richard Michem Foundation

Based on financial need and potential


January 31

Robby Cano Memorial Scholarship

Based on financial need, potential and community service


January 31 

Rosel Family

Minimum 3.0 GPA; must have participated in 2 extra-curricular activities per year for the 10th, 11th, 12th grade years; full time student at an accredited university; natural born United States citizen


January 31 

Rotary Club Scholarship

Must attend Seward County Community College


January 31

Rotary Speakman

Renewable for 4 years


January 31



January 31 

South Middle School NJHS

Must be a former member of the South Middle School National Honor Society to apply


January 31 

SW Kansas Board of Realtors

SCCC or Vo-tech only; awarded based on school activities, honors, community activities and community service


January 31

That Liberal Band

Must be a current band member to apply


January 31 

Thomas F. Boles

Financial need; minimum 2.5-3.5 GPA; must major in business


January 31 

USD 480 Foundation

Must Major in education


January 31 

West Middle School NJHS

Must be a former member of the West Middle School National Honor Society to apply


January 31

Whispers and Wishes Photography

Open to business majors


January 31 

XTO Energy

Awarded to deserving seniors; may attend 2 or 4 year college


January 31 

American Legion

Various scholarships available online



January 31 

High Plains-American Meteorological Society

Career in physical science


January 31 

Kansas Certified Public Accountants

Must major in accounting


January 31 

KS CO Clerk and Elected Office Association

Journalism, political science, or communication major only; 3.0 GPA


January 31 

Kansas Hospital Education and Research

Must pursue a career in the medical field, but not pre-med


January 31

Kansas Motor Carriers Foundation

Transportation related field of study; college, vocational/technical school or community college


January 31

Kansas Seed Industry Association

Must pursue a degree in Agriculture


January 31

Kansas State Delta Chi Memorial

Must be a male; attend K-State; 3.0 GPA


January 31

K-State Acacia Fraternity

Open to males attending K-State



February 1

Helium Lit. Background

Helium Lit. Scholarship

Helium Lit. Ref. Form

    January 31

Noon Lions Club

Must have participated in a Noon Lions Club Meeting during the school year.


February 1st

Southern Pioneer Electric

Merit based



February 6th

K-State Phi Kappa Theta

Exemplified faith and academic priority during high school; leadership qualities; open to males only


February 10th

Gas Capital Scholarship Program

Must live in Seward County; minimum GPA 3.3


February 10th

CMS Electric Cooperative

Must be a CMS Cooperative customer; based upon achievement, activity and financial need



March 1st

Kansas LULAC

Open to Latino students only; 2.5 GPA; leadership and community involvement


March 1st

DCP Midstream

For a 2 year degree at a career and technical school


March 13th

Black Hills Energy

Minimum ACT 21; 4 year university or college; must be a Black Hills customer


    January 31

Emily Bremenkamp Memorial

LHS Graduating Senior

    January 31

Rita Shogren Memorial 

LHS Graduating Senior planning to obtain 4 year degree in education

    January 31 Bank of  Beaver City 
    January 31

SW Catbacker

Must attend K-State