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2D and 3D Pre and Advanced Placement Art

Week Schedule Project
August 28-Sept 1 Planning Projects Rules/Class expectations. Project Demonstrations
Sept 4: No School Labor Day  
Sept 5-8 Project #1 Starting a Sketchbook/Journal
Sept. 11-15 Project #2 Clay
Sep. 18-22 Project #2 Clay
September 25; No School Teacher Professional Development day  
Sept. 26-29 Project #3 Sculpture clay
Oct. 2-6 Project #3 Sculpture clay
Oct. 9-13 Project #4 Mixed Media
Oct. 16-19 Project #4 Mixed Media
Oct 20: No School End of Nine Weeks Teacher work day  
Oct. 23-26 Project #5 Jewelry
Oct 27: No School Parent Teacher Conferences  
Oct. 30 - Nov 3 Project #5 Jewelry
Nov. 6-10 Project #6 Casting
Nov. 13-17 Project #6 Casting
Nov 20-21 Project #7 Plaster
Nov. 22-24: No School Thanksgiving Holiday  
Nov. 27- Dec. 1 Project #7 Plaster
Dec. 4-8 Project #8 Papier Mache
Dec. 11-15 Project #8 Papier Mache
Dec. 18-21 Project #9 Concentration project
Dec. 22-Jan 5: No School Winter Holiday  

AP Art students will be expected to keep a sketchbook/journal which will be graded monthly. The sketchbook journal is used to research and plan for projects


AP Art is a year long course during which students will develop a concentration and create a portfolio. In total students will submit about 16-24 pieces of artwork.

    Students will be working with blowing glass periodically during the semester.

2-D Advanced Placement Studio Art

Teacher: F. Schievelbein

Advanced Placement Studio Art is a vigorous program in which a student explores art and art methods to create an individual portfolio.  At the end of the class, students will submit their portfolios for review by the College Board and each will receive a ranking.  

Students will be expected to complete a large number of projects.  The portfolio requires twelve completed projects, by creating more than twelve students will be able to choose their best works.

Students were given summer assignments to complete.  These should all be finished by the second week of the fall semester to receive a grade.  Grading will be on effort, skill, use of tools, and idea exploration.

All students must have a Sketchbook.  The sketchbook can not be smaller than 8x10 inches.  Sketchbooks are for student idea and process exploration.  Sketchbooks will be graded once a month and will be at least 30% of the student’s grade.

AP Studio Art is a largely self guided and motivated class.


Syllabus available on request.