English IV


Monday 8/31/2015

Classes in the morning will complete the in-class essay puzzle (See 8/28/2015). Afternoon classes will discuss the grammar diagnostic test. We will discuss common errors and correct any mistakes. 

Tuesday 9/1/2015

Classes in the morning will discuss the grammar test and correct mistakes. Afternoon classes will begin editing their essays for grammatical mistakes. I will be handing back the copies that I made comments on to help them see those mistakes. They will utilize the catalogue we created that identifies each sentence in order to do this. We will be making an addition to this by making a log of common mistakes in each essay. They will work with a partner so that another person may also look for similar errors.  

Wednesday 9/2/2015 

Morning classes will receive their essays back from me and complete the task of logging their common mistakes (See 9/1/2015) Afternoon classes will spend the day creating a finalized outline for their essay that they will utilize for the final revision. 

Thursday 9/3/2015 

Morning classes will create outlines and finish editing. Afternoon classes will spend the day in the computer lab typing their final drafts. Final drafts of their essays are due Wednesday, September 9th.

Friday (Half Day) 9/4/2015

Morning classes will spend the day typing in the computer lab. Final drafts of their essays are due Wednesday, September 9th.


Monday 8/24/2015

In class, we created a set of notes to help guide students catalogue parts of their essays. We will be using these in order to edit and revise the first essay. We also utilized this day to print our essays. One copy was given to me so that I can give them feedback. They will recieve a diagnostic grade for this first version. This will not reflect in the final grade, but the revised version will. Students will know my expectations for their writing. We will go through the revision process step by step in order to help meet those expectations. 

Tuesday 8/25/2015

Students took a Grammar diagnostic test. This grade will not reflect in their final grade, but will serve to help us understand what some common mistakes we are making. 

Wednesday 8/26/2015

Morning classes are in testing this day. Afternoon classes discussed the content of their essays and asked the question "did I communicate my point clearly?" Students gave each other feedback on their content. 

Thursday 8/27/2015

Students in the morning classes discussed content. Afternoon classes discussed structure. They started with their previously learned 5 paragraph essay(brief review), and we discussed how we can build from their to create more thorough documents. Students highlighted their essays for specific structural pieces in groups.

Friday 8/28/2015

Students in the morning classes discussed structure and highlighted their essays for these items (see thursday). Afternoon classes were given an essay that had been cut into different sections. They worked in groups to put these essays in the right order based on the structure that we discussed the day before. Homework: Morning and afternoon classes were asked to create a brief outline of their essay to meet a minimum of the 5 paragraph essay. We will use this plan in the revision process next week. DUE Monday, August 30th.




Monday 8/17/2015

Introductions. Students will receive the syllabus for the year. We will be creating a list of goals for the year and hanging them in the classroom so that we can refer to them throughout the year.

Tuesday 8/18/2015

Students received information that will help them evaluate sources.

Wednesday 8/19/2015

Students worked on evaluating sources A-F in order to prepare for the pre-essay that they will be writing over the next two days. If they did not complete the assignment, then they are to finish it as homework. 

Thursday 8/20/2015

Students will begin the diagnostic essay. 

Friday 8/21/2015

Students will complete their essay and print two copies. One copy will be handed in and one will be for in class editing. 

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