Applied English 9/Intensive Reading Syllabus

Intensive Reading I & Applied English I

Mrs. Miriam Climenhaga


Intensive Reading I Course Description:       


This course is for students who have tested three levels or more below their current grade’s reading level. Therefore, the purpose of Intensive Reading is to raise the student’s reading level by targeting specific skills needed to improve student comprehension. We will do this by

  1. Practicing comprehension strategies (particularly summarizing, paraphrasing, questioning and clarifying).
  2. Working on reading with fluency (reading with smoothness, accuracy, expression and a good pace).
  3. Studying common spelling patterns to increase overall proficiency.
  4. Engaging in M.I.R.P. (Monitored Independent Reading Practice): Reading a book of your choice, at your appropriate reading level (and approved by your teacher) every day for 20-25 minutes. Most of MIRP will take place during eTime.


Grading – Competency-Based:

Your grade will be determined by what you know and what you are able to do with our objectives through summative assessments.  We will be practicing skills to perform well on summative assessments, but your effort is a necessary key to success.


Practice = Formative assessments that FORM knowledge.

Examples: in-class work, thinking maps, exit slips, etc.


Performance/game = Summative assessments that represent a SUM of your knowledge: contribute to final grade, minimum of 70% proficiency required for summative assessments.

Examples: projects, section quizzes, unit tests, presentations, papers, etc.



The Applied English grade:

  • 80%  - the average of test grades
  • 20%  - the semester final


Intensive Reading grade:

  • Fluency
  • Spelling
  • Classwork



If a test is not passed with a 70% or better, the student will be receive additional instruction, will redo all the formative assessments for the skill, and retake the assessment until they are successful. 


If classwork is not completed and the student’s Intensive Reading grade falls below a 70% the student will receive homework detention until the assignment is completed. 



  • One composition book or spiral notebook for journaling.
  • Please have this page signed and returned to the teacher by Wednesday, August 19, 2015.






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